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About us

Our History

Creating time and freedom for you.

We are a company built on dreams and hard work. Since the beginning, it has been my dream to help companies with their support staff. When I started working in the corporate world, I could witness the importance of strong support staff. All successful businesses have a dedicated space for support staff. They largely focus on the customer support staff and back-office support. As it is the backbone of every business.

When I studied the market, I saw how many businesses struggle with support staff. That gave me the inspiration to lay a strong foundation in the support staff industry. I started the business with a small team. Since I had studied the market previously, I knew what modern businessmen needed. 

We’ll do it all because you deserve the best!

We started offering our services at affordable prices. And saw a shift in the market. The clients that collaborated with us recommended our services in their group and soon the business started to pick up.

It was surreal in the beginning, none of us expected to be recognized this soon. So, we decided to work hard. The main mission of our company was to offer services at affordable prices that every businessman could afford.

For this, we started looking for talented individuals, we knew how important it is to have quality people on board. We looked for talent all around the globe. And recruited some of the most skilled individuals in our company.

Our target was the businessmen who wanted to stick in the market for the long term. They were looking for companies that can provide skilled and experienced staff. And we wanted to help them expand. Our team wanted to serve all of our customers better. We wanted to elevate the overall experience of service. And we were not just looking to do this for the short term. We employed staff that would provide quality services consistently.

Let me tell you that it was not easy. We were handling a lot of operations at once. We faced many problems. But we stay determined. One thing that helped us stay true to our goal was our faith. We all were strong believers and Jesus was with us every step of the way. We drew our strength from each other. And our shared faith kept us going in those struggling years. After facing the initial stress. We decided to divide and conquer.

All of us were responsible for managing different areas of business. And this tactic really paid off. Not only were we able to headhunt the best talent around the globe. But we managed to keep them on board. We had more leads and business. And the clients were vouching for our services. All this was just a first step to our success. It gave us all the strength and boost we needed to move forward in the industry.

Once we had everything in place. And everything was going smoothly without much interference. We decided to expand. We started looking for trusted candidates who had the best talents in the industry. We personally got in touch with them and interviewed the candidates. After we were satisfied with the talent. We collaborated with them and expanded our staff. We always ensured quality. Determination and hard work were the two qualities we always looked for in our candidates.

Our clients often ask, what is our secret? And we simply answer that we stay true to our commitments. We are a bit old-school that way. Honoring our word means a lot to all of us. And when we promise that we will provide competent staff, we do it at any cost. All of us have spent many hours looking for the right talents for our clients. But I wouldn’t do it any other way. The main motive behind this company was to elevate the industry standards. And even if we have to work 18 hours a day it is worth it.

We have helped a lot of clients. And their trust in us means more to us than our profits. We slept peacefully knowing that we had made a difference. Our God has given us the strength and means to help and we are just mere mediums. He has taught us to stay true to our mission. And we keep each other in check. I couldn’t have done it without my team. They have helped me in the most difficult days and stood by me in rough phases. They are truly my inspiration and my ‘support. And together we will bring a change and elevate the customer’s experience.